About the Book

About the Book

A Short Primer on

Why Cancer Still Sucks

...Plus the crabby details!

A Short Primer On Why Cancer Still Sucks by David J. Stewart, MD

Have you ever wondered why cancer remains such a dreadful illness? Why is it so common? How can you reduce your cancer risk? Why is screening not better at finding cancers early? How does cancer make people feel so sick?

How do different types of treatment work, why might they fail, and how do they cause side effects? What role does our immune system play? Do alternative and complementary therapies work?

Why has progress been so painfully slow? What can we do to speed progress? How can we reduce the very high cost of effective new therapies?

Which healthcare system (Canadian or American) is better at caring for cancer patients? What can the two systems learn from each other?

In this book, oncologist Dr. David J. Stewart addresses these common, vexing questions about cancer. He also discusses what future changes we can anticipate.

Each chapter starts with a Short Primer section that tries to answer these questions in a way that can be understood by patients, their families, and the public. This Short Primer section is followed by a Further Details section for anyone wanting to take a somewhat deeper dive into the topic.

Publication Date

May 26, 2022





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A Short Primer On Why Cancer Still Sucks by David J. Stewart, MD

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